1. Brown Eyed Girl The Mystic Creek Band 2:40
  2. No Matter What The Mystic Creek Band 2:40
  3. House of the rising sun The Mystic Creek Band 3:19
  4. Let Her Cry The Mystic Creek Band 4:38
  5. Margaritiville The Mystic Creek Band 4:07

The Story

The Mystic Creek Band was from 1999 to 2001. It was formed from the remaining members of the short lived Highland Band and Mike Wyrick who ran a Karoke show and his step son Bob Fancher who played guitar and sang.  Bob added some country to the song list with Jon’s classic rock selections made a well rounded set list for the northern Kentucky area.  The bands name came from the street Mike Wyrick lived on, Mystic Creek road.  The band played a full schedule in the Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati, OH areas.   The regular gig circuit included The Speakeasy bar, The thirsty Camel in Covington and others.

Mystic Creek Band

Joe Fussinger: Drums
Bob Fancher: Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Mike Wyrick: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Jonathan Sheffield: Bass Guitar, Vocals
The only recordings are the demo songs recorded in Mike Wyrick’s basement around 1999 for a demo package that was distributed at local clubs for new bookings.  They were recorded live around 1999 using computer recording software and were not multi-tracked or enhanced digitally.