Born and raised in Orlando Florida, Jonathan Sheffield first studied music at the age of 13 at the Orlando School of Music from 1978-1981. After learning to play the six string electric guitar, he started his first band – The Senceless band with some local friends. Winning a talent show with the bands first live performance in 1979 at age 14, Jonathan was hooked.

After a musician friend from the Senceless band mentioned that another band was looking for a bass player, Jonathan bought a cheap log of a bass from a neighborhood friend and tried out with the Allies band in 1983. Impressed that he could play bass and sing at the same time and also brought beer for the band to the rehearsal, he was asked to join.

Always being a big fan of 60’s-70’s music, through the drummer of the Allies, Jonathan met Les Soltescz in 1985 who also was interested in the Beatles and other classic rock. Jon & Les started out recording cover songs but then started exploring writing original music. This was one of the most fruitful song writing periods in Jonathans music career.

Following the period of recording, Jonathan joined up with Joe Cadry a lead singer and guitar player around 1987 to form the Reflection Band. Many hours of rehearsals honed Jonathan’s bass playing and from there began a period of around 5 years of performing in clubs around Orlando with this band.

After getting a tip that a band was looking for a bass player, Jonathan tried out with the NRG band around 1992. With a more complicated set of material to play including Led Zeppelin, REM, Eagles and others, the challenge to learn these songs peaked Jonathan’s bass playing skills as well as constant performing in clubs all around Orlando on a regular basis.

In 1999, Jonathan moved to Cincinnati Ohio. As soon as he arrived, his musical cousin Joy Fussinger who played guitar and sang and her brother Joe Fussinger formed a band called the Highland Band. Recording with this band, Joe coaxed Jon to start writing original music again. Recording in a basement studio some of the originals from the Jon & Les days as well as some new ones, a CD was released for sale called The End of the Line. Around 2000, Jonathan & Joe Fussinger formed another band called the Mystic Creek band, named after the street that the guitar player lived on. This band played steady throughout the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas, entertaining crowds with a combination of Classic Rock and Country music.

Jonathan returned to Orlando in late 2002 and formed a band called the New Mystic Creek band with a completely new lineup playing some classic rock gigs in Orlando and the Disney area.

After deciding that downsizing to a duo might be the right way to go, in 2006 Jonathan auditioned guitar players from around the Orlando area and found Pete Madison, one of the hottest guitar players available. This lineup proved to be very successful and bookings in clubs in Orlando and the beaches followed. The Jon & Pete duo played a full booking schedule and when not playing in the duo, Jonathan was performing solo for wedding receptions, parties and other events.

In 2011, Jonathan moved to Manchester Connecticut. He has performed solo and may be putting together another classic rock band to test out the Connecticut music circuit soon.

For a partial list of Jonathan’s repertoire, click here

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