The Reflection Band

Year: September 19, 1986

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The Reflection Band was formed around 1986 and stayed together off and on for about 5 years.

Joe Cadry: Guitar, Lead Vocalsreflection_live
Jonathan Sheffield: Bass Guitar, Lead/backup Vocals
Mike Potter: Rhythm/Lead Guitar.

Pete LeRetilly: Rhythm/Lead Guitar (occasional).

Mike Smith: Drums
Steve Hendrickson: Occasional Drums

Dave Bovines: Occasional Keyboards

The video on this page and in the┬áVideo Gallery is the only know video of the Reflection band and was taped in 1987 at a restaurant/bar in Orlando, FL that was called The Lemon Splash. It is now called Johnny’s Fillin Station and is still owned by the original owner of the Lemon Splash, John Burl.
These are songs that were recently discovered on the old master reel tapes from around 1987-1988. They were recorded live for a demo tape.

Music Tracks

  • Love the One Your With - Crosby Stills & Nash

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  • All right Now - Free

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  • You lost that lovin feeling - Hall

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  • Smokin in the boys room - Brownsville Station

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  • Honky Tonk Woman-The Rolling Stones

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  • Gimme 3 Steps - Lynard Skynard

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  • Outside Woman Blues - Cream

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  • Fool for your Stockings - ZZ Top

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  • That's My Girl - Jon Sheffield Original Song

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