Mystic Creek Band

Year: February 20, 2000

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The Mystic Creek Band was from 1999 to 2001. It was formed from the remaining members of the short lived Highland Band. The band played a full schedule in the Kentucky and Cincinnati, OH areas.

Joe Fussinger: Drums/Backup Vocalsmystic creek band
Jonathan Sheffield: Bass Guitar, Lead/backup Vocals
Mike Wyrick: Lead/Backup Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Bob Fancher: Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

These songs on this page were made for a demo package that was distributed at local clubs for jobs. They were recorded live, were not multi-tracked and were recorded around the year 2000 .

Music Tracks

  • House of the rising sun

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  • No Matter What

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  • Brown Eyed Girl

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  • Margaritaville

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  • Let Her Cry

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